Combat Techniques of Cockfighting Gambling Game S128

Combat Techniques of Cockfighting Gambling Game S128 – Maybe you have read a similar or similar article, but this article is different because we have taken it from a trusted source, following the fighting techniques for the s128 cockfighting gambling game.

If the fighting cock has good fighting quality, of course this type of chicken will always be the target of cockfighting lovers. Categorized as a good fighting cock must have fighting and defensive techniques that are difficult to conquer his opponent. But fighting cocks that only have good mental or hitting can not be said to be good fighting cocks because fighting cocks can be said to be good if they have good punches and beautiful techniques.

The two capitals are a unit that a good fighting cock must have. As we know in the world of fighting, the fighting chickens that we often encounter are Bangkok, Burma, Saigon and cross chickens which are the result of a cross between the three types of fighting chickens themselves.

The three types of fighting cocks have their own advantages and privileges, however, apart from the three types of fighting cocks, there are also fighting cocks that do not want to be outdone by the fighting cocks that can even be said to be the best fighting cocks from their respective countries. The following below is the best type of fighting chicken complete with the techniques:

Bangkok Chicken, a type of fighting chicken from Thailand

Bangkok cock fighting cocks are fighting cocks originating from Thailand which are known for their smart brains that can develop in the arena. In addition, Bangkok chickens also have good mental and reinforcement.

Shamo Chicken, a type of fighting chicken from Japan

Shamo fighting cocks are one of the fighting chickens that have the technique and accuracy of heavy and accurate hitting, Shamo cocks are also known as one of the big and strong chickens.

Burmese Chicken, a type of fighting chicken from Myanmar

Burmese chickens are fighting cocks that have a very high attacking spirit, besides that they are also known as clever and cunning fighters.

Brazilian chicken, fighting cock from Brazil

Brazilian fighting cocks are also fighting cocks that have extraordinary hitting speed and agility

Philiphine Chicken, a type of fighting cock from the Philippines

The Philiphine Chicken is one of the fighting cocks that has the agility of movement with high fighting spirit, this fighting cock also has a punch without pecking.

Saigon Chicken, a type of fighting chicken from Vietnam

The saigon fighting cock is a type of fighting cock that has thick skin and rough bones compared to other fighting chickens, therefore the cock has a mental and is stronger to take a beating.

Apart from the types of fighting cocks as above, there are also many other fighting cocks, but they do not qualify as good fighting chickens.Therefore, almost no fighting cock hobbyists choose them as fighting cocks that deserve to be matched.…

Some Terms To Play Online Poker Gambling

Some Terms To Play Online Poker Gambling – Maybe you’ve read a similar or similar article, but this article is different because we have taken it from a trusted source, here are some terms for playing online poker gambling.

Such card gambling games do have a lot of fans, for example, like dominoes. Initially poker was not as popular as poker, but now there is a way to play it which is done online. This makes the game of poker more and more known to gamblers.

This is because they were previously very difficult to play poker offline or with landlords. The reason is that you have to play behind closed doors because in Indonesia, all types of gambling are prohibited. But if you play poker online then you just have to join one of the online gambling agents that provide games so you can place bets.

For the game of poker, it’s still quite easy to actually play, but if you haven’t played before, it’s quite difficult. It will still be before you make a domino gambling bet, so you should first learn the game. The game is also known as poker qiu qiu or poker QQ.

To play where this game will use a poker card tool, which amounts to 28 cards. A minimum of 2 people can play at one table and a maximum of 6 people. That way, of course, this poker game will be very exciting where you can bet with bets from various regions.

After knowing the basic basics of domino games, you must understand various important terms commonly used in games. By understanding these important terms, of course you will find it easier to play bets and achieve victory. This is also very important for those of you who are beginners.

Fill In Important Terms In Domino Games

Online poker gambling games are included in card gambling games that have a way to win them with game strategies and techniques. You will not win easily if you only rely on luck. Besides that, you also have to understand the various terms that exist in the domino gambling game. Here are some terms that you must understand and apply in the game.


To fill in Fold in a poker game where this term is used to close the card or stop the bet. If in a bet where your card is not good and not competitive then you can press Fold, which means you don’t follow the bet. By pressing Fold is a safe choice for bettors who have bad cards and do not take part in one round.

All In

For the last term that is often used in online poker games, namely the term All In. This term is usually used for bettors who are optimistic that their cards will be able to beat their opponent’s cards. By doing an All In, the bettor will install all the chips on the table.

For this choice it must be done well, make sure your card is really of high quality and can win the bet. By doing the All In also triggers the opponent to feel challenged and usually those who are still in doubt will immediately fold.


The term Check in a poker game which means Check is an order for the bettor to follow the game with other players without increasing the bet. Usually players who follow the orders from the Check because the cards they have are not that good. Many bettors who at the beginning of the bet choose to check because they have no risk at all. In addition, by checking, you will get another card opening without placing a bet.


The term Raise is also found in domino games, for this term it is used to increase the bet if indeed the card being held looks good compared to the opponent. By doing a Raise, you will increase the bet according to what you want. If your opponent also follows your Raise then they will also place a bet with the same number. But in a poker game for Raise action this can also be a bomberang to you, if your opponent’s card is better then you will also experience a bigger defeat.


In the game of poker there is also a term Call, for this term is actually still the same as Raise. However, there is still a slight difference in the installation. The difference between Call and Raise is that you place the same bet as the player who increases the bet. If your opponent places a bet of 100 $ then pressing the Call button means you are following the bet with the same amount.…

Cheating Play Baccarat at ArenaGaming88

Cheating Play Baccarat at ArenaGaming88 – Maybe you have read a similar or similar article, but this article is different because we have taken it from a trusted source, following the fraudulent act of playing baccarat gambling at arenagaming88.

Playing online gambling is already very well known by all people in various countries in the world, you can even meet people from other countries every day just by playing online gambling. In Indonesia, playing gambling is said to be a daily activity to relieve boredom.

Apart from being able to fill your spare time, you can also make huge profits if you win. A game played today by online gambling fans is Baccarat, many people now play online Baccarat because it is a fun card game.

Many online gambling players use real money bets to play baccarat. Betting that this real money makes online gambling players always want to win at the game. For those of you who want to play online and increase your chances of winning in online baccarat games, there are deceptive ways to play baccarat online to win the game.

These tricks are special tricks that you can use during the game, not tricks that can get you into trouble so you can use them during the game to beat your opponents.

The first special way that you can do is to follow the flow of the game, see which player wins more often between the player and the banker, make a bet for the winner, match your choice if you want to bet. This advice is usually used by baccarat players because you only lose once if there is a ping pong result.

The second tip when playing baccarat is to have the patience to play and when making bets, with patience you can make bets carefully and correctly. Look at the situation at the table and card players and bankers before making your bets, look at cards and play.

The third tip that you can play with in baccarat online is the use of biometric formulas. This mathematical formula is used to make predictions about the game of Baccarat. This formula has been proven in playing baccarat and can lead you to victory. If you already understand the formula, you can calculate the odds of winning, you can make bigger bets if your chances of winning are bigger.

The final piece of advice you can use is to follow the story line of the game, the progress of the game is even or the odd numbers come out. If more amount is spent you can make more bets in even numbers and vice versa. Here are some tips and ways to cheat online baccarat that you can try when playing online, use and understand carefully so you can win.

These tips and methods have been used by experienced baccarat players. It may also require tricks and advice from older baccarat players to be more confident and experienced. Good luck and win when you play this online baccarat.…